Wired To Follow is an experimental soundscape outfit hailing from Merseyside. Comprising two main artists Stephen Johnston and Barry Fearns who have worked together on musical projects for a number of years, the outfit which is more aptly described as a musical project than a band has also collaborated with a number of other talented musicians.

Wired To Follow was launched in 2012 and takes its inspiration from exciting developments in technology. They released their first EP Everything In Colour in 2013, which was well-received with one review stating: “This is what Sonic Youth could have sounded like after being locked up in a room with Brian Eno.” This was followed by the second release Instances, which was described as “mood music for the galactically inclined.” Science fiction inspired the third EP, entitled 90Y, which took its name from an episode of The Twilight Zone. Constantly writing, recording music and experimenting with sounds, Wired To Follow recently brought out a short release of three songs, entitled Short Code named after one of the first ever high level computer programming languages. They are currently working on a their debut album.


Nov 2012: I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor (Single)

March 2013: Everything in Colour (EP)

Nov 2013: Instances (EP)

Dec 2013: 90Y (EP)

May 2014: Short Code (EP)

Things Said

“Outstanding.” – Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales.

“This is what Sonic Youth could have sounded like after being locked up in a room with Brian Eno.” – Here Comes the Flood

“Field recordings, submerged keys, strings and beautiful electronic, all contribute and equally conveys a visually blurred contrast of an ocean.” – The Siren Sound

“They’ve harmoniously married ambient with post-rock yielding extremely powerful and potent songs that can seriously stir your disposition.” – Earmilk

“The music produces the high without the drugs, a safer alternative that one can return to without trepidation.” – A Closer Listen

“The music on Everything in Colour holds a statement of other-worldy beauty” – Echoes and Dust

“Anyone looking for their next soundscape of emotion would do well to let Wired to Follow in”- Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music

“It is mood music for the galactically inclined; the sound of a loaded cargo ship cruising towards Earth, and home. Had the USCSS Nostromo actually made it home, this is what Dallas, Ripley, Parker et al would have been jamming to.” – Getintothis

“The style is a potent mix of ambient elements, electronics, and driving instrumental rock. ” – Stationary Travels

“this collection of futuristic sound waves will caress so deeply you’ll feel it in your bones. ” – smokefreekevin

“The slow passages and gradual blooming, though not exactly hard to find in any post rock release, are dented by uncertain glitches and defects, strengthened further by the engulfing and precise drums, and presented and paced to mirror the expansion of a thought into a revelation.” – Noted

” I think the descriptive terms spoken within this track describe this album perfectly. I wish I could talk in technicolor…” – Music Veins