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Anybody following us might’ve noticed a bit of a change. Well, we decided to rethink what we were going to do with this space. Social networks are all well and good to an extent, goes without saying, but there’s no real control, the strings are not always pulled by hands that care.

Facebook for example. It doesn’t really make sense for bands to fully commit to it at the moment. There’s a vicious circle at play as you struggle to build an audience that’s interested enough to stay engaged. You have to pay to acquire fans through ads only to have to pay to promote to those fans later on. Great for mega brands like Coca-Cola who can throw money at it but not so good for us little guys.

So, we decided to bring a bit of focus to our own hub as we have the control. We hope those that are interested in what we do stick around and use the commenting system here to chat with us as it’s more of an achievement gaining your attention than battling algorithms.

Bandcamp : Kusanagi – They Will Come Back For You…
Also listening to: New Warpaint, Mogwai, East India Youth.
Watching: House of Cards

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  • http://www.afterosmosis.com/ A.J. McQuay

    Agreed, FB is a pretty bad promotional platform for the “little guys” at the moment. I’ve been trying to focus more on Twitter/Instagram, but you may be on to something here.

    • http://www.afterosmosis.com/ After Osmosis

      Whoops, wasn’t signed in ^

      • http://www.wiredtofollow.co.uk/ SMJohnston

        I tend to say to most new bands that they should just set up a bandcamp / soundcloud page, mailing list and their own website. Do the other stuff if you can but put more effort into the things you know you control.