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  • Release #5: Log 02 – Recording in the rain

    Today it’s the Chinese new year celebrations here in Liverpool and I decided to go out and do a bit of field recording. It’s been raining (a lot) and it’s pretty windy so I wanted to capture some of that windswept sound. It was probably not a good idea to setup a condenser mic with […]

  • NME’s Best Social Media Award is a thing

    So apparently Liam Gallagher won this award for his twitter account. That’s right – social media accounts are winning music awards. Next up maybe David Bowie’s Foursquare account or Mick Jagger’s Pinterest page? Yes, a bit of fun you might think but I can’t help but feel the awards should be about… music? Maybe it’s […]

  • Release #5: Log 01 – It’s underway

    I suppose it’s no secret that there’s a new Wired to Follow release underway. Work began in October of last year and it’s almost there. It’s become a very intimate release, born on a concept of ideas and strung together by a short story. Very much a journey from the mechanical to organic in various […]

  • San Francisco 1941

    Came across some amazing home video footage of San Francisco in 1941(public domain use) and had to put our music to it.

  • Please stop following everyone on Twitter

    Every day I get at least one new follower on twitter who has no interest in who I am or engaging with me. You can tell because they are following thousands of people already (and usually have only a handful of followers). Unless you’re then confined to a list, there’s no way they would be […]

  • Album or EP? Does the format even matter anymore?

    The album isn’t dead. Let’s just get that out of the way.

  • Spotify Playlist 001: Dedicated to Ralph H. Baer

    Ralph Baer passed away in December. He was dubbed the ‘Father of Video Games’ most notably for coming up with the idea of playing video games on TV. I’ve played games since I can remember (and I still do) so I’d like to dedicate the first spotify playlist of 2015 to him.

  • Back to Bandcamp

    Over the last few days we’ve seen an outcry of bands and artists on social media announcing their departure from bandcamp (ourselves included). The new EU VAT regulations that will hit Jan 1st will see a lot of small businesses suffer, many of those on bandcamp as it was not deemed a third party… until […]

  • Top 7 records of 2014

    It’s that time of year again where we make lists, so here’s 7 records I loved this year…

  • Closing the Bandcamp store on January 1st due to new EU VAT regulations

    Hi everyone, please read.  Many people have bought music from us through our bandcamp page and we’re VERY grateful for that, it’s an amazing platform.

  • Afternaut Remix

    We’ve put together a remix for the track ‘teslascope’ which feature’s on Afternauts new release Transmission.

  • Short Code

    Wired to Follow – Short Code